Is Inflammation Avoidable?

One of the most common side-effects of aging is stiffness and joint pain, but its not all related to ‘aging’.

Many of us go through life thinking that all our aches and pains are due to aging and there isn’t anything we can do about it. But this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, inflammation is often due to food and environmental sensitivities, toxins stuck in our lymph system and general lack of movement.

The body wants to move these waste products from our system but needs the extra help from us. Movement is the number one place to begin. But anti-inflammatory supplements are key to reducing the buildup. High quality chromium is clinically demonstrated to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugars and hormones with weight-loss a sweet by-product. Magnesium pulls toxins out of the body and certain pro-biotics kill candida overgrowth in the gut. Adopting these three points of attack will improve many of your related health issues.

I have found that the Plexus TriPlex products are THE #1 best products to begin your journey back to wellness. Stop wasting money on things that ‘may’ help or ‘should’ help and use the highest quality, clinically tested, money back guaranteed system. Inflammation is a symptom that your body needs more support. Give it the help it needs.

We live in a toxic world. Fight back, and win! Visit my site: or call the gym: 608-588-0189 and pick our brains. Don’t wait to begin your healing process.

Best Help For Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from painful feet and struggle to exercise or just maintain your lifestyle, here are some helpful tips to relieve the pain and creatively strengthen those painful tootsies.


First, our feet are full of joints and muscles. Like any other part of the body, they need care, stretching and strengthening.  Neglected, bound up feet create toes that become immovable.  Our bodies are meant to be fully functional and when one part gets locked up it affects the rest of our bodies.  Begin slowly, but release those feet from your shoes!

Your shoes can be your biggest enemy. While they are there to cushion feet with tender bottoms or lift fallen arches, having feet constantly bound limits the movement in the toes and allows them to stiffen up unnaturally. It also causes you to lose touch with the ground which can lead to trips and falls, especially as our shoes become thicker and thicker.

Consider placing a cushy mat beneath your feet while seated, remove your shoes and exercise your feet on this cushion.

Heels and toes that are never stretched will create all kinds of painful burning in the foot, so stretch them with your shoes off.

Falling arches? Wearing braces or supports won’t strengthen the muscles that keep your arches up, so gently beginning to work the feet with the shoes off for brief periods as your muscles strengthen is great for your feet. Seated exercises like we do in GentleFit is a great solution.


Why I’ve Come Back to Plexus and You Should Too

Why I’ve come back to #Plexus and You Should Too:
-You probably still have those nagging health issues/weight issues that brought you to Plexus before;
-Better understanding of how these scientifically based products work and what healing looks like;
-Some excellent tweaks and additions to same effective products;
-Plexus is still around and GROWING due solely to the fact that the products WORK and the company wants you to have results so they remain natural, high quality and offer what people need;
-Help every step of the way to heal and help you with YOUR individual concerns;
-I better understand the products and can whole-heartedly recommend what is best for your situation.
-As a professional in the fitness/health industry I am expected to be knowledgeable and offer people real solutions. Plexus is IT for so many of you, please ask me how 608-588-0189, 608-475-9899

Plexus Works

Cameron and Cassy will be taking vacation the week of August 20th.  We won’t be teaching classes but we will be available for problems, sign-ups and cleaning so please don’t hesitate to contact via email if you need something or call the gym: 608-588-0189 and leave a message, we will take care of you.

ForeverFit and GentleFit members will still get together to play the DVDs and workout together.

ITS BACK! Morning Boot Camp with Lisa Roelke

This is a class that integrates various cardiovascular spin techniques with a wide variety of full-body strength exercises in a boot camp fashion. Participants will be using the spinning bikes and a wide variety of both weight and non-weight bearing exercises to ensure an amazing, body toning and cardio-blasting full body workout!! A typical class will run between 30-45 min., and all exercises will be modified to meet the needs of all individual fitness levels! This is a calorie blasting workout for everyone from the novice to the advanced exerciser.  Set to begin August 28th 5:30AM  T/TH

New Class! Movin’ It! M,T,TH 5:30pm

New Class!       Movin’ It!  M,T,TH 5:30pm

Fun energetic class to keep you moving and having fun while burning calories and getting strong.  Light weight and body weight moves with a short HIIT session in each 30 min. class   $30/4weeks $5 drop-in.  All Fitness Levels