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Holiday Staff Hours:

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Thur 22nd, Mon 26th and Tues 27th

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608-475-9899 Cassy



Jim Crook’s Success Story

Jim Crook’s Success Story  Jim Crook
On June 23rd, 2014 I had total knee replacement on both knees. As a 64 year old member of Lexington Fitness I witnessed first hand the level of commitment that Cassy has to her members.
Knowing that my surgeries were coming up Cassy set up an exercise program for me to strengthen all of the muscles around my knees to help me with my recovery. After my knee surgeries I started preparing for a total hip replacement which I had on November 18th, 2014.
Now, with three total joint replacements the recovery work began. Once again, Cassy set me up on an exercise program to slowly strengthen the muscles around the new joints.  Not only did she set up these exercises for me but she started Senior Fit!, a free class to LexFit members; gentle, full body movements focusing on mobility, range of motion and strength. With these classes and the exercises Cassy gave me along with her encouragement and coaching I
am making great gains on my recovery.

SeniorFit! has helped my entire body become more mobile.
Thanks Cassy,
Jim Crook
[What Jim did not explain was how hard he worked. He consistently put in maximum effort and did everything (and then some) the professionals told him to do. Jim’s attitude was never to ‘take it easy’ or baby himself because of his age. He knew he had to put in the time, effort and work to make a full recovery and prevent future injuries. Because of his ‘willdo’ attitude Jim will be better than before his injuries and is a great example to people of all ages. I am proud to have Jim at Lexington Fitness !]