New Class 5pm

Body Blast + Spin Class

45 minutes to an hour of variety. Workouts will fly by as we focus on short, high-intensity sessions along with core and abdominal work making use of a wide variety of equipment such as bands, steps, Bosu Balls and spin bikes to tone, reduce and strengthen the entire body. Great stretches at the end to lengthen and prevent injury.

5pm T,TH $40/4weeks

Teen Off-Season Power & Intensity Training

Teen PIT Class set to begin April 6th 4pm M,T,TH

Classes will be very comprehensive and focused.  the purpose is to work on power and explosiveness in very sport specific ways. Eccentric strengthening for speed, foot, ankle, hip explosiveness along with dynamic stretches and lengthening for the care and repair of abused joints.  Intensive core work and HIIT training for high intensity requirements of any sport.  Goal: to dramatically cut times and enhance sports performance.

SeniorFit! A New Class Being Offered @LexFit

SeniorFit! – Fitness for a Strong & Independent Lifestyle

FREE! New Class set to begin weekdays for senior members.

Introducing SeniorFit! A FREE fitness class being offered exclusively to senior members of Lexington Fitness. Class will focus on mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Set to music from a more ‘fun’ era you will feel energized while increasing your fitness level at every class. Make sure you stay independent and spry for as long as you can!

Classes offered M,T, TH @ 12:30pm