Best Help For Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from painful feet and struggle to exercise or just maintain your lifestyle, here are some helpful tips to relieve the pain and creatively strengthen those painful tootsies.


First, our feet are full of joints and muscles. Like any other part of the body, they need care, stretching and strengthening.  Neglected, bound up feet create toes that become immovable.  Our bodies are meant to be fully functional and when one part gets locked up it affects the rest of our bodies.  Begin slowly, but release those feet from your shoes!

Your shoes can be your biggest enemy. While they are there to cushion feet with tender bottoms or lift fallen arches, having feet constantly bound limits the movement in the toes and allows them to stiffen up unnaturally. It also causes you to lose touch with the ground which can lead to trips and falls, especially as our shoes become thicker and thicker.

Consider placing a cushy mat beneath your feet while seated, remove your shoes and exercise your feet on this cushion.

Heels and toes that are never stretched will create all kinds of painful burning in the foot, so stretch them with your shoes off.

Falling arches? Wearing braces or supports won’t strengthen the muscles that keep your arches up, so gently beginning to work the feet with the shoes off for brief periods as your muscles strengthen is great for your feet. Seated exercises like we do in GentleFit is a great solution.


Re-Set Your Mind in 50 Days

Fifty Days to Fitness for Life

In as little as 50 days you can reset your brain to want to do any new habit, if it is pleasurable.

Your brain is very similar to any other muscle in your body in that you can actually strengthen and build the communication pathways. As these pathways become more developed they can be visibly seen with an MRI.
And just as our bodies have muscle memory from repetition and habit memory, our brains have pleasure memory because our brains store emotions associated with events.

The more developed regions of the brain become our ‘go to’ position or habit. If the emotions associated with these habits or repeated events are pleasant we will want to repeat them, access them and initiate the actions that released these feelings.

These are the facts of addiction of any sort, whether it be drugs, alcohol, shopping or golfing. So, why can’t we take this information and use it to reset our minds to want to do that which is beneficial? You can!

Make your daily workout routine a pleasure and your brain will draw you back again and again to repeat it. Plan your workouts with exercise you enjoy. Have a great mix of motivating music on your Ipod and a delicious post workout meal to boost your mood before, during and after. Consider an early workout time so the rest of your day you are reminded you have already accomplished so much. All these things will release good chemicals and emotions causing you to be more likely to want to return to the gym for more.

Just 50 days of this can reset your brain and keep you on the road to fitness for life.

Eye Health Tips

Your eyes need exercise, rest and the right diet in order to stay healthy and fit along with the rest of your body.  Read on for a few simple things you can do easily and almost anywhere:

1. Eat a healthy diet of disease-fighting, antioxidant-rich vegetables (spinach, kale, and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids).

2. While seated and keeping your head straight, look up to the ceiling, down to the floor, over to the right, then over to the left. Repeat 5x slowly.

3. While sitting in a chair rub your hands together to get them warm. Cup your hands over your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.  This will block out the light, warm up your eyes and relax them.

Save Your Knees – Squat Below Parallel

Coach Bill Starr, a former Olympic weightlifting competitor, Starr holds multiple Power lifting and Olympic weightlifting records. Coach Starr became the assistant editor of Strength and Health magazine in 1966 before changing careers to become one of the first strength and conditioning coaches in the NFL for the former Baltimore Colts and the Houston Oilers.

Coach Starr is a huge proponent for full depth Squats. Here is Coach Starr ‘s response to the theory that we should avoid full depth Squats.

“Partial squats are never good. They neglect the hips and hamstrings. When an athlete stops above parallel his/her knee joints are forced to halt the downward momentum. But once the athlete goes below parallel that stress is transferred to the more powerful groups in the hips, hamstrings, and adductors. Full Squats keep all these muscle groups proportionately strong.”

Ripped Hands Care

Things Every CrossFit Athlete Should Own. ~ Carissa Boone

Yesterday we talked about how to take care of your calluses but what happens when you have already ripped? Taking care of a rip or rips is a little more involved than your typical scrap or cut. When you rip not only do you have open wound but you have new skin underneath that is now exposed to the elements. The goal now is to keep from getting an infection and to help the new skin from drying out and cracking. This is contrary to the belief that you should let the area dry out. Trust me, if you let the area dry out you’ll spend more time being aware of that little cut than anything going on in your life. The information below is from personal experience and has been used to help my athletes. The information posted here is not in place of medical advice. Anytime you are injured you should seek the advice of a physician.

The first thing to do after you rip is to clean the Pull-up bar you were using or at least let the coach know you ripped and there is blood on the bar. You don’t want someone else lathering their hands in your blood. Once you’ve made sure to clean up your biohazard on the bar, you need to throughly clean the ripped area on your hand with soap and water. Make sure to get in there and remove any chalk or dirt that may have creeped in. Next remove the ripped skin by cutting it away with sterilized scissors. Just dump them in some alcohol for a minute. Make sure to cut as close to the base of your palm as possible. You don’t want any small skin from the rip drying out and catching onto something. Now take some A&D ointment and rub it into the rip. A little will go a long way. Yes, A&D ointment, the same stuff used on babies bottoms for diaper rash. This stuff is like stem cells in a tube. Carissa and I have used A&D ointment after every tattoo session and the stuff just works. I found out the hard way that I am allergic to triple antibiotic ointments like Neosporin. After the A&D ointment take a large bandage or nonstick gauze pad and cover the area. If you use a band-aid you will most likely need to tape over the area. The A&D will make the bandage slide right off. Repeat the A&D and bandage portion any time you wash your hands or when the area starts to get dry. In about 2 days the area will be almost healed.

So if you rip what about training? That is a personal decision but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Once you have given the rip about 2 days to heal with A&D you can start using blister care bandages (do not use A&D under the blister bandage, they will just slide right off). These little guys will help speed the healing process by keeping the area occlusive and allow you do some training. They will bunch up in your palm like tape but they will keep the wound covered. So why not use them right off the bat? While blister packs will help keep the area covered they don’t have the magic healing powers of A&D which contains Cod Liver Oil. I believe that is the secret behind A&D and helps heal wounds quickly. Biggest thing to keep in mind when you rip is that you have an open wound and you need to take care of it. There are a lot of creepy crawlers running around and if you get an infection then you don’t train. Keep the area clean and watch for infection. It’s really that simple.

Want Nice Abs?

My Coached LexFit WOD class IS a CORE strength and conditioning program.

Proof is in my sore lower abs the day after going heavy with cleans.

I can’t think of a more difficult body part to target.  Felt great!

Want a strong and sexy core?  Sign up for my Basic Training Class at 4pm.  It’s 8 weeks of new skills and constantly varied intensity.  No matter what age, I scale it to meet your needs.  I coach you thru the entire class.  You will notice changes after only one week.



Questions about salt

Some of you have asked me about salt.  Here is what I’ve learned along the way:

We have a craving for salt.  Why is that?  Because salt in its natural form has  a lot of minerals our bodies need.  Today’s processed salt is stripped of all those minerals leaving only the sodium chloride, which our bodies cannot process as well.  It is the other minerals found naturally in salt that helps our bodies process salt.

Here is a link for celtic sea salt with all the natural minerals.  It will be called light grey sea salt.  It will be light grey because of all the minerals.  Highly recommended by doctors.