Wk 3-Wed Meals

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and a slice of pork loin

Lunch: Subway spinach salad with veggies, tuna, avocado and two slices of bacon.  Only vinegar and salt & pepper. Unsweetened iced tea.

Snack: cherries

Dinner:  Got home and made an amazing Sauteed Sausage Filling.  It would be wonderful in little pot pies or hand held pockets, but I can’t do bread type foods and so I only ate this rich, flavorful filling.  It was like a thick soup or stew:  Saute Jimmy Dean bulk sage sausage with chopped onion and celery. Saute until sausage is good and browned. I hate grizzle.  While it is sauteing I chopped up zucchini, green pepper and cut up 1/2 of a leftover sweet potato.  I also soaked about 1 cup raisins in hot water.  Once the sausage is browned add 2 tbs. butter and chopped veggies and simmer shortly so they are not too soft.  Then add raisins, sea salt, lots of pepper, 2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, 2 C coconut milk, 1 tsp siracha hot sauce. simmer 5 min.  Enjoy!

Wk 3 Tues Meals

B4 Breakfast: ThermoPlus w/ Lemon water, tea

Left the house really early today and ate 1/2 banana for a snack.

Snack: Leftover pork loin and sweet potato, small amounts of each.

Lunch: Gazpacho cold soup, tuna & cole slaw.  Nice Food from the General Store.

Dinner: The rest of the greek, tuna salad and coleslaw. Then when i got home i had a cup of sausage soup, some almonds and pistachios.

Snack: cherries, few slices of pork loin, a cocktail and 2 pcs of dove chocolate


Wk-3 Mon Meals

Breakfast- few pcs of leftover brat. 10 almonds, leftover sausage & cabbage soup.  This soup is really incredible and flavorful.

Sausage & cabbage soup in coconut milk broth: sautee onion and bulk sage sausage till golden brown, adding butter and mushrooms near the end. I kinda clean out my fridge for this soup, adding leftover salsa or any veggies i may have.  In this case I chopped up cabbage, then added some chicken stock, about 2 cups with lots of salt & pepper, simmering until cabbage was soft.  At this point it was kind of thin so I added coconut  milk and it just pulled everything together and made it creamy and rich.  YUM!

Packed for the day: pork loin, pico de gallo, 1/2 sweet potato – I didn’t eat much of that and left it here for tues.

Dinner: A cup only of the Sausage soup, 10 almonds, 1/3 glass of wine.

Wk2 weekend meals

We have to shop and will do so this weekend and post on Monday.

Sat a.m.:  So far I’ve had lemon water and ThermoPlus and Catalyst.  Trying to fast again part of the day, esp since I munched so much late last night.

Stopped at an afternoon benefit/party and had bbq pork & chicken, veggies, dip

Sunday: Had family over and made brats (no buns) and pork loin, pico de gallo with black beans, cherries & strawberries

Hearth Health & Amino Acids

L-Arginine is an Amino Acid our hearts need.

If you have a history of heart trouble, no doubt you’ve tried a variety of diets and have even taken medications such as Nitro Oxide.  A new study done in Israel explains how Nitro Oxide works with an amino acid called L-Arginine.  Apparently some people cannot process enough L-Arginine, causing the heart to spasm.  This amino-acid, L-Arginine, is found in foods such as dairy, meat and eggs.  All foods you may have removed from your diet in an effort to ‘eat better’.  However, doing so may have just exacerbated the issue.

L-Arginine is a common amino-acid found in several Advocare Products that we carry at Lexington Fitness. Catalyst is a popular amino acid supplement we suggest for those wanting to lose weight yet protect muscle wasting.  Each serving contains 100mg of L-Arginine.   Arginine Extreme is a pre-workout supplement our athletes take to increase blood flow.  It contains 2500mg per serving!   Nighttime Recovery is Advocare’s amino acid and herbal supplement within the Performance Elite Line that if taken prior to bedtime dramatically improves recovery and aids in sound sleep.  It contains 400 mg per serving.

Wk2 – Friday Meals

Woke up and took ThermoPlus and Catalyst with lemon water.  Trying to fast for most of the day.  Taking ThermoPlus to help with appetite control and drinking plenty of water.  I have had part of a container of raspberries.  Light Snacking on some almonds too.

Late afternoon bought some baked beans with bacon from Arcadia Kitchen.  I only had a few bites.

Went out at dinnertime and had a cocktail which always makes me hungry so I ordered shrimp cocktail, then french fries (not such a good choice).  When I got home I ate leftover beets, sweet pot & brussels sprout mixture.  Then sliced up 1/2 an apple with peanut butter.

Wk 2 Thurs Meals

B4 Breakfast – Lemon water to wash down a ThermoPlus and 2 Catalyst.

Breakfast – Didn’t eat much. Left house early and didn’t have to spend time preparing food since I hadn’t eaten it all yesterday.  But I dead prepare some Baby Kale Greens.  These are tougher than spinach so I wasn’t very successful but I ate them yesterday.  I sauteed them in olive oil, tabasco and a little lemon water and steamed them for about 15 minutes.  They were ok.  I only ate them really to stave off nausea so I could take some vitamins.  Oh, along with a few bites of hummus. (no, I’m not sick of hummus….. yet).

Snack:  Snacked on a 1/2 pint of raspberries.

Lunch: Meatloaf, sweet potato and avocado from yesterday.

Dinner: Had fun at Local’s night and enjoyed a cocktail.  Ate some broccoli and sweet potato fries (not ideal) but it put some food in my belly.  Got home and hubby had roasted sweet potatoes and beets and onions.  Oddly no meat and i was really hungry. So i just went to bed after washing down a protein drink with coconut milk.

Wk 2 – Wed meals

Began day by preparing all my food for the day, not including dinner.  My lemon was rotten so I couldn’t do that, bummer!  Prepared 3 containers.

Breakfast was an informal nibbling while prepping food for the day…I nibbled on most of the stuff I put together along with some almonds.

Container 1: meatloaf and sweet potato, 1/4 avocado.

Container 2: Egg Fritatta: recipe – sauteed cabbage and green beans and a tomato, then mixed 5 eggs with coconut milk (scrambled them) and added to cast iron pan.  Baked in oven at like 400degrees for 20 min or so.  I divided this up between a couple containers, one for me and one for Cameron.

Container 3: Mixed fruit….strawberries & a nectarine.

Only ate about 1/2 of the food I had prepared.  Will eat it tomorrow.

Dinner:  Came home to chicken breasts and amazing pan roasted slices of beets and sweet potatoes. amazing!  8 almonds.

Got up around 11pm and was hungry!  Ugh!  I ate almonds, a nectarine and leftover fritatta.  I really never wake up and eat but At least I couldn’t eat cookies, chips or bread of any kind…..we just don’t have it in the house.

Wk-2 Tues Meals

B4 Breakfast – Catalyst and ThermoPlus (Advocare Products explained below) taken with lemon water.

Breakfast – 1 fried egg, 1/4 avocado, scoop salsa, left over veggies from dinner last night being onions and greens, 8 almonds and a few bites of pork chop which I prepared for today’s lunch.

Prep for lunch and snacks: I brought along a 1/2 pint of raspberries, protein powder to be mixed with almond milk later before heading home.  I packed a container with a cut up red pepper, hummus and 1 pork chop. also a 1/2 an avocado.  MNS packets.

Dinner: 1/4 avocado, Sauteed cabbage and vidalia onion in butter….soooo good! 1/2 glass wine and a few almonds.  Meatloaf!  Cam makes a mean meatloaf.  No breadcrumbs, just added an egg or two along with a 1/2 chopped apple and plenty of seasoning.  He used ground beef and ground italian pork.

CATALYST™ I take this to help me retain muscle and reduce fat. This is an amino acid product.

ThermoPlus™ I take this to help convert fat into energy and reduce appetite.

Wk 2 shopping

We ended up getting a bit more fruit than usual.   Eggs, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen green beans, natural peanut butter, chicken breasts, pork chops, salmon, ground beef, ground sausage, Italian and Sage, apples, avocado, cantaloupe, celery, raspberries, nectarines, vidalia onions, , red swiss chard, beet tops, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini.