Lexington Fitness Biggest Loser 6 Month Follow-Up

LexFit Biggest Loser 6 Month Follow-up !  Can you believe its here already! Yup! Its been 6 months since 23 of you competed to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life. But it should not have ended there….As an incentive I offered to ADD 1 MONTH TO YOUR GYM MEMBERSHIP FOR EVERY 10 LBS YOU CONTINUED TO LOSE SINCE FINAL WEIGH-IN! So stop by Monday, June 16th to get weighed and receive your free months!

Top 3 Biggest Losers Announced!

Lexington Fitness Competition Final Weigh-In!

Biggest Loser Top Three Losers ARE: First Place: Aaron Mickelson with a total loss of 15.65%! Aaron won $500, 6 months Free to Lexington Fitness and a $50 Gift Certificate to Convivio! 2nd Place with a loss of 10.92% is Theresa Deutsch! She won $300, 6 month membership to Lexington Fitness and 6 Tan Sessions from Fun in the Sun in Richland Center. 3rd Place winner is Sue Goebel with a loss of 10.64%! Sue won $200, 6 months at Lexington Fitness and 1 hour personal training with Lisa Roelke! 4th Place deserves honorable mention – Robin Murphy lost 10.27%! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Keep up the hard work and continue to reach for your fitness goals! Remember CONSISTENCY IS KEY.
To Everyone else that competed, keep losing and weigh-in again in 6 months. For every 10# more you lose from tonight till then I will add 1 mo. to your gym membership. : ) I want you to succeed and this is great incentive to keep motivated

Biggest Loser 6-Month Follow UP

6-Month Follow-Up to the Biggest Loser Competition!

Keep this in mind! Exactly 6 months after the Final Weigh-In we will let you weigh in and for every 10# more you have lost since the Final Weigh-In we will add 1 month free to your gym membership!!!  So don’t stop getting fit just because the 8 weeks is over! Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded!  Consistency is the key!

Final Weigh-In December 17th @7pm !

Final Week of the Lexington Fitness Biggest Loser Competition 2013

The Final Weigh-In is just around the corner!  Less than 1 week and we will be announcing the Top 3 “Losers” here at Lexington Fitness.  All of the top three contestants with the highest % of weight-loss will receive:  Flowers from The Flower Shop, 6-Month Memberships to Lexington Fitness.  AND 1st place will receive $50 Gift Certificate to Convivio & $500 CASH, 2nd place will get a 6-Session Tan Package to Fun in the Sun & $300 CASH, 3rd place will get 1 hour Personal Training Session with Lisa Roelke & $200 CASH.

Work hard ladies and don’t cheat!  You each may be surprised at how well you have been doing percentage-wise!  Consistency is the key!!!


Week 7 Weigh-In Winner is….

This week’s Biggest Loser Weigh-In Winner is Robin Murphy!

Robin lost a total (just this week) of 4.23%! Her hard work is paying off and she worked thru the ‘stuck point’ by adding extra classes, cardio and doing a cleanse to re-boost her metabolism. Robin won a $25 gift certificate to Freddie Valentines, a $25 Gift Cert to Panacea, $10 GC to Nina’s and a box of Advocare Spark from LexFit! Congratulations Robin!!!