Jim Crook’s Success Story

Jim Crook’s Success Story  Jim Crook
On June 23rd, 2014 I had total knee replacement on both knees. As a 64 year old member of Lexington Fitness I witnessed first hand the level of commitment that Cassy has to her members.
Knowing that my surgeries were coming up Cassy set up an exercise program for me to strengthen all of the muscles around my knees to help me with my recovery. After my knee surgeries I started preparing for a total hip replacement which I had on November 18th, 2014.
Now, with three total joint replacements the recovery work began. Once again, Cassy set me up on an exercise program to slowly strengthen the muscles around the new joints.  Not only did she set up these exercises for me but she started Senior Fit!, a free class to LexFit members; gentle, full body movements focusing on mobility, range of motion and strength. With these classes and the exercises Cassy gave me along with her encouragement and coaching I
am making great gains on my recovery.

SeniorFit! has helped my entire body become more mobile.
Thanks Cassy,
Jim Crook
[What Jim did not explain was how hard he worked. He consistently put in maximum effort and did everything (and then some) the professionals told him to do. Jim’s attitude was never to ‘take it easy’ or baby himself because of his age. He knew he had to put in the time, effort and work to make a full recovery and prevent future injuries. Because of his ‘willdo’ attitude Jim will be better than before his injuries and is a great example to people of all ages. I am proud to have Jim at Lexington Fitness !]

Jan Swenson Success Story

jan swenson

I am a 78 year old who has always enjoyed being a serious walker/hiker and being involved in many other athletic activities.   Since my retirement I have also had the time to work out at gyms both here and in San Diego where I winter. I am very fit at this point in my life. On Sunday, March 13, 2016, while in San Diego I suffered a mild stroke which affected (paralyzed)  my left side (which was especially frightening for me as I only have one arm!).  By Tuesday the 15th I had recovered so well that I was sent home.  I have NO visible stroke symptoms at all and am now back working out and taking classes at Lexington Fitness, and have started my walking routine again. Doctors both in San Diego and here have all suggested that I probably “dodged a big stroke bullet” by being in good shape, and that my quick recovery is definitely due to my physical conditioning.  So, even though this stroke was quite a shock and disappointment to me, I feel blessed that my body has made such a wonderful recovery.   It’s GREAT being in shape!  Jan

Debbie’s Success Story

Debbie Days: My Journey from Weight Loss to a Healthy Lifestyle

 Hi, my name is Debbie. I am 53 years old, 5’ 1” and weighed 153 when I joined Lexington Fitness.  

For years I had been standing on the sideline watching various friends make changes in an attempt to get healthy. I watched as many succeed and even more failed.

 I have said to myself many many times, “I need to lose weight”, “I need to exercise”.. There was always some excuse not to take care of myself; I guess I was busy taking care of everyone else.

 One very cold morning, I went online and looked up the closest gym. Lexington Fitness in Spring Green came up on my screen, I reached for the phone and within 48 hours was meeting with Cassy for a walk-through of her facility. All I asked was, “do you think I can lose 5 pounds a month and reduce my body size?” She did not even blink and simply said with total confidence: “Yes.” Then I knew: this was the place for me.

 The very next day I began working out. I had been on enough cardio equipment to feel comfortable starting there, watching TV, listening to music, and walking away the pounds. As I warmed up to my new routine I began reading the boards and an evening class caught my eye. I felt I was too far out of shape to be able to handle this type of class. I talked with Cassy and she said it’s customized to each individual’s level which put me at ease. I signed up right away. I got so excited I began working even harder to prepare, after all, I did not want to embarrass myself! When the class began, I almost backed out. How would an overweight 53-year woman be able to handle this type of class?

 Going to that first class was the best decision I could have made. Sure, I felt old, my muscle were sore, I was tired, there were work emails to answer, it was cold outside, I had laundry to do—I thought of a million excuses not to go to class some days, but I kept going anyway! I wasn’t the fastest, the most coordinated, or anywhere close to the strongest, but I gave it everything I had and received nothing but kind words of encouragement from my classmates. With an extreme amount of patience from Cassy, I even learned how to do “The Monkey Bars”! Can you believe someone my age had never done them? The first time I made it one bar and fell, then two, then three – now I go downstairs and do them for fun because it reminds me how far I have come. I was getting stronger with each class, Cassy seemed to know how to take me right up to my limit and the weight was starting to come off!— even better, my body was changing!

After about a month, I was getting braver so I decided to join another class offered by Andrea. Andrea’s classes complimented Cassy’s so that I still felt comfortable from the first class, plus she is hilarious. Now, even though I still felt old, my muscles were still sore, it was still cold outside, always more emails, and that darn laundry was piling–I wanted to do every class I could, every night possible! I am so thankful that Cassy was there once again to help me understand the need for muscles to rest. I probably would have, burned out had she not helped put me on a schedule that was the healthiest for my body.

 Next I hear Andrea and Cassy talking about a Natural Body Building Competition they were preparing for. There was all this focus on food, so once again I start asking questions. Both Cassy and Andrea were very willing to share information about proper nutrition, something that I hadn’t truly factored into my new routine. This was my “WOW” moment. With the help of those two lovely ladies, I created my new meal plans and an exercise program that is tailored to me and my body-type. I learned to focus not only on exercise but hydration, sleep, and nutrition. Finally, I had learned how to take care of me!

 Today I have taken my “weight loss” goal and turned it into a “lifestyle change”. With the information and training I have received from Cassy and Andrea at Lexington Fitness, I continue to learn how to be healthy. Yes, I have lost 28 pounds but ,most importantly, I have learned that it’s not about the scale. I am stronger, have more energy, and am healthier than I have been in 25 years. My family and friends tell me so everyday. Bonus!

 Thank you Cassy, Andrea, and everyone I have meet at Lexington Fitness for the encouragement and support you have given me. What a journey this has been!

Debbie-Happy Member of Lexington Fitness


Lisa Roelke’s Success Story

 Lisa Roelke’ Success Story

 In the fall of 2011, after competing in 8 half marathons, 5 full marathons, and countless other endurance events in my lifetime, my doctor told me I had to quit running, my best friend for over 30 years. Due to both my hips developing massive cartilage loss due to a degenerative disorder, my running would only make things worse, and eventually I would have to have surgery on both hips.

I walked into the new Lexington Fitness gym in November of 2011, still under renovation, and ran into Cassy and Cameron Vieth, the new owners, and told them about my personal training licensing, as well as my current boot camp style workouts I was teaching in the area. They asked me to join the Lexfit staff, and to date I’ve never been happier or in better shape. I’ve had to completely retrain my body to do unbalistic cardio. Movements, as well as integrate new lifting and diet techniques…..things I’ve always known were good for me, but my running took too much time for me to fully embrace.

 At Lexfit, I currently do personal training for many clients, as well as teach a 5:30 a.m. boot camp to those folks crazy enough to wake up and join me. I truly love working with the members of Lexfit and seeing them reach their fitness goals and dreams.

 As of today, I am 30 pounds lighter than when I walked into Lexfit, and my overall body composition of fat to lean tissue is way down. I had no idea that as I creeped into my 40’s, so did the extra weight and inches on my body. My only regret, is that I would love to have competed in my past marathons at this body build and weight, I truly think that I would have fulfilled a lifelong dream of qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon.


Denise Milanowski Personal Success Story

 OK… I did it!! This training was a long process but it really had its benefits. I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and proper nutrition in order to feel your body. A calorie is not just a calorie and I’m so happy I chose to stick with real food throughout my journey. I love my coach and every aspect of my training program. It was set up specifically for me around my fitness class schedule and around my kids schedule. I could not have asked for a better coach!! I will not say this was an easy journey but I will say anyone is capable of doing this. ALL you need is dedication and a strong will!

If you want to know the specifics, I lost 17 pounds and 10 inches. I do not know my body fat because that was something I didn’t need to focus on. Thank you to Lexington fitness for sponsoring me in this competition and to everyone else who had great compliments for me and strong words of support! I appreciate it all more than you will ever know. THANKS, Denise

Andrea Jones Success Story

Today ends this journey that has tested me from Day 1. I am happy to report my final numbers, total weight loss of 22 3/4 pounds and 22 inches. This journey sure has had its ups and downs from cravings,fractured rib, kidney

and liver function problems, low low heart rates, and just normal everyday stress and being a Mother, cooking and watching your children eat and prepare daily snacks and meals. All 3 of my kids said to me at least once, Mom just have one bite and I said no it’s not worth it. I did “cheat” once throughout this journey about 2 weeks ago, I felt completely guilty and cried over it… my cheat was applesauce.
I had every good reason to give up during this journey, however, failure is not in my books. I believe with everything you do in life there will be obstacles, it’s how you handle those obstacles and push forward without drowning yourself in sorrow. Negative energy will only hold you down and dwelling on that will only put you behind. I want to specially thank a few people. Amanda Roberts Michael Garfoot, Denise Jo Milanowski, Ronald Burbach and Mom, Cassy Vieth, Dustin Jones, and my children who put up with me being cranky, crabby, sore and tired!! Along with everyone else that has support
ed me throughout this. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys!! I remember thinking about giving up and I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I am already a winner and walking away knowing I never gave up and gave this my all. Denise we are gonna rock the stage today!!! Time to hit it!!!

LexFit Member Denise Milanowski to Compete

Denise Milanowski of Spring Green is a 37 year old mother of three and dedicated Lexington Fitness Member.  She is well known in the community for her Zumba and Ripped classes, her high energy and individuality.  Looking for more challenges and ways to put her fitness to the test she has done half marathons and 2 Tough Mudders.  When asked why she is doing this she says, ”  I remember as a kid watching those women on TV strut across the screen and thought…. I want to do that someday…. I am not one that likes to be in photos or the center of attention and I never thought I would actually be in good enough shape to consider doing one. This is an “OUT OF THE BOX” challenge that I have put on myself but once I set my mind to something I go all out.”   I think Denise speaks for many women when she reveals, ” I have always had a horrible body image. No matter how hard I work out or how clean I eat, I hate my body. I am hoping this helps me break that self hatred of my body that I have lived in my whole life.”  To help her break out of this mold she has hired a coach:  Olesya Novik who is based in California. They will be working together remotely for 12 weeks.

I want to thank Cassy at Lexington Fitness who has asked to sponsor me in this endeavor! I want to cheer on my competition mate Andrea Jones as well. We hardly know each other, but I feel like we will get very close on this venture.

This will be a tremendous journey that will require a ton of support. I’m looking forward to the challenge and 100% comforted that I am not doing it alone!

LexFit Member Andrea Jones to Compete!

Andrea Jones of Lone Rock is a 31 year old mother of three and dedicated Lexington Fitness Member.  She says, ” I got into fitness 5 years ago and realized that it’s my passion in life.  I have set goals for myself and managed to meet all of them.  Competing is something I have always had an interest in but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Cory Roberts approached me, and after meeting with his wife, Amanda, I am very excited to say I am ready to take my fitness to the next level and compete.”  Andrea will be sponsored by Lexington Fitness in the 2013 Wi Natural Bodybuilding, Fit Body, and Figure Competition in October.  “I will be training for 12 weeks along with a 4 week span to get use to the routine.”   To get the most out of her workouts and her body’s performance she will be using Advocare products.  After using and falling in love the the Advocare products she decided to become a distributor. ” I am looking forward to the transformation my body will be making and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Lexinton Fitness Members to Compete

Two Lexington Fitness Members, Andrea Jones & Denise Milanowski, will being sponsored by LexFit to compete in the upcoming 2013 WI Natual Bodybuilding/Fit Body/ Figure Competition in October.

Andrea Jones, of Lone Rock, has three children and teaches classes at Lexington Fitness.  Denise Milanowski teaches a variety of fitness classes in the area and also has three children.  Both were looking for a way to challenge themselves more personally and have hired coaches to help take them to the next level.

We will be following them both on their journey.  So proud of both of them!!