New Smith Machine coming Thursday to Lexington Fitness

We’ve made space upstairs for the latest addition to our great assortment of fitness equipment – coming Thursday to Lexington Fitness.  The large squat rack that has been upstairs is now in the lower level so you can drop weights and GO HEAVY!  The NEW Smith Machine will be very versatile – great for safe squats, chest press exercises and other creative moves.

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Why is Diet Pop Bad? Or ‘diet’ anything?

diet-sodaIf you think you are saving calories by drinking Diet Pop, think again!

Not only does the intense sweetness of the artificial sweeteners dull our senses to normal sweetness, but they are also linked to fatty liver disease.  Fatty liver leads to fatty belly.

Artificial sweeteners have the same effect on the body’s insulin response as sugar, triggering the body’s insulin response and causing fat storage.  This leads to weight gain.

Diet pop has no nutritional value and aspartame in particular causes formaldehyde to form in the liver.

Mixing diet mixers with alcohol?  Take care!  Artificial sweeteners are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than regular sugar causing your blood alcohol level to go up faster.

Over the coarse of a year you can have a 70% bigger waist by consuming only 1 diet pop a day.  Not big enough for you? Try 2 diet pops a day and get a bigger waist by up to 500%!! Yikes!

Alcohol Inhibits Caloric Burn

Alcohol has quite an impact on your fitness & weight goals. Next time you sip, keep these facts in mind:
1. Alcohol is 2nd most potent source of calories
2. Takes no calories to burn alcohol
3. Calories from other souces will NOT be burned UNTIL the alcohol is metabolized from the liver
4. Unburned alcohol calories get stored as fat
5. Alcohol causes your blood sugar to drop and carb cravings

Re-Set Your Mind in 50 Days

Fifty Days to Fitness for Life

In as little as 50 days you can reset your brain to want to do any new habit, if it is pleasurable.

Your brain is very similar to any other muscle in your body in that you can actually strengthen and build the communication pathways. As these pathways become more developed they can be visibly seen with an MRI.
And just as our bodies have muscle memory from repetition and habit memory, our brains have pleasure memory because our brains store emotions associated with events.

The more developed regions of the brain become our ‘go to’ position or habit. If the emotions associated with these habits or repeated events are pleasant we will want to repeat them, access them and initiate the actions that released these feelings.

These are the facts of addiction of any sort, whether it be drugs, alcohol, shopping or golfing. So, why can’t we take this information and use it to reset our minds to want to do that which is beneficial? You can!

Make your daily workout routine a pleasure and your brain will draw you back again and again to repeat it. Plan your workouts with exercise you enjoy. Have a great mix of motivating music on your Ipod and a delicious post workout meal to boost your mood before, during and after. Consider an early workout time so the rest of your day you are reminded you have already accomplished so much. All these things will release good chemicals and emotions causing you to be more likely to want to return to the gym for more.

Just 50 days of this can reset your brain and keep you on the road to fitness for life.