2 New Class Sessions Set

DSCN1072W.O.W. -Women on Weights Class set to begin Monday 11/4/14 at 5pm.  Room for 2 more!

AND Announcing:

Basic Training for TEENS: this is my LexFit WOD class specified for highschoolers right after school.  They will be carefully coached thru all the lifts, functional moves and increase their capacity for high intensity work.  Sign up sheet is currently on the board.

Thursday Dec 5th WOD

Teams: with each partner at end of sled rope 1 partner pulls sled toward himself then drops down for pushups until sled is pulled all the way back to partner, repeat for rounds for 6 min.

AB Blaster: 30 each: Hollow Rocks / GHD sits / Bosu Toe Taps / K2E / T2B floor / Abmat sits     2 Rounds-time