Current Classes

Many Classes are now FREE for Members!!

Non-Members $5/class plus $15 Gym Pass

ForeverFit! is a FREE class for LexFit Members. Join us for 30 minutes of gentle stretching and range of motion movements designed to relieve pain and keep you athletically balanced, mobile and independent. Eccentric strengthening movements are combined with Yoga, Pilates and Tia Chi to work the entire body (hands to feet) strengthen the core and improve balance. This self-care class is perfect for the athlete, sedentary and aging alike.   *DVDs are available to purchase. Call 588-0189    Classes: M,T,TH @12:30

Gentler version of ForeverFit!  is performed seated for those uncomfortable with getting down on the floor or unsteady on their feet.      * M,T,TH @ Noon 

*These classes are also recorded and for sale on DVD at Lexington Fitness or by calling 608-588-0189.

New Class!   Free for Members!

Movin’ It!  M,T,TH 5:30pm          30 minutes of FUN low-impact routines to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Body weight strength and light weights combined with many kinds of equipment to keep it interesting and never boring. GREAT music and friends. Just Move It!

lisa's bootcamp 2013

ITS BACK !!!  With a New Name and Theme: Morning Cardio-Spin Boot Camp w/ Lisa Roelke This class integrates various cardiovascular spin techniques with a wide variety of full-body strength exercises in a boot camp fashion. Participants will be using the spinning bikes and a wide variety of both weight and non-weight bearing exercises to ensure an amazing, body toning and cardio-blasting full body workout!! A typical class will run between 30-45 min., and all exercises will be modified to meet the needs of all individual fitness levels! This is a calorie blasting workout for everyone from the novice to the advanced exerciser.

Drop-In $5 Classes Begin August 28th  T/TH 5:30a.m.


Lisa Roelke’s new class focuses around the Spin bikes. Class to be held in the eveneings after VolleyBall season is over. TBA  Only $5/class.   Sign ups necessary as there are only 5 spin bikes. For more info call 588-0189 or email Lisa at

basic tr wod

Mini Coached LexFit WOD Efficient 30 minutes utilizing a variety of equipment to strengthen and tone entire body in a HIIT style routine. Functional Training at Mid-high intensity. Never the same routine!   Currently M,T,TH  4:45pm 

Now FREE for Members!!

Free-Weights for Beginners Course  This course has been a GREAT SUCCESS! Cassy Vieth-instructor/personal trainer/coach has come up with this 5 week workshop to help women break through the invisible wall between the cardio equipment and the weights.  The goal of this workshop is to teach you in a non-threatening environment how to use the weights properly, set up the equipment and execute lifts safely & effectively.  By the end of the 5 weeks you will have an arsenal of lifts you will be able to perform confidently in any gym without intimidation.  You will also learn the major lifts (squats, deads & press).  The 45 minutes will be spent learning, practicing and discussing, as opposed to working out. As an added bonus, the final week you will receive instructions on how to plug-in the exercises into a weekly routine. 

$80 – limited to 4 students.  M/T/TH 6pm Begins October 15th.