Post Competition Food Prep – Really?!

19 Weeks of Demanding Food Prep Turns Into a Habit

4 Days worth of meals, not including my 1st and last meals of the day.  But you may wonder why in the world Andrea & I would continue with time consuming food prep after 19 weeks of complaining about it the time it takes or unable to eat what we wanted and craved.

That is a very good question.  But the reality is we feel so much better on this food!  Neither of us wants to ‘blow up’ now that we’ve gotten in such good shape.  Right after the competition we had a weekend of eating what we thought we wanted only to be struck by guilt, stomach aches and swelling ankles!  In fact, the day of the competition we both had so many rice cakes with peanut butter, honey and or jam that neither of us wanted that much sweetness again for a while.

So 19 weeks of good habits are sticking with us….maybe now we won’t complain about it : )

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