Six-Pack Anyone? 8/19/13


Abdominal Toning Notes




A restricted caloric diet alone is not usually effective in eliminating belly fat. It is quite common for someone to feel as though they are gaining weight, especially belly fat. This paradox can be explained by the fact that when on a restricted diet your body will mobilize the fat, burn 1/3 of it and deposit the rest in the ‘calmest’ areas, that is, areas not disturbed by intense blood circulation such as your butt and belly.


Low-carbohydrate diets are the most effective at accentuating the loss of inches off the waist. Eating sugar and alcohol promotes belly fat. Caffeine promotes the absorption of sugar, while decaffeinated coffee, rich in chlorogenic acid, reduces the absorption of carbohydrate and is of most use at the end of a meal. Breads, pastas, rice, grains, potatoes, and sweets being the high-carbs you should avoid. Careful attention to the types and amounts of fruit you consume is necessary as well since they are high-carbs.


Moderate protein intake: 20% of low-calorie diet plus 35g a day of BCAAs will result in the best results of belly fat loss. (See info below on BCAAs)




Your body stores fat in areas of least use. Using your muscles activates blood flow which triggers fat loss. By regularly working your abs, you reduce the chance that fat will accumulate on your belly. This regular work will help fight fat locally and tone these muscles. Studies show that a contracted muscle gets part of its energy from the fat covering it.

High-Intensity training is superior to typical low-intensity cardio work as it is the only way to TARGET belly fat loss. It is superior because of its deferred metabolic effects: Long after you stop exercising, your body will still burn calories. It works on love-handles too.


While dieting alone can increase belly fat, the same diet coupled with regular physical activity, high-intensity interval training, can decrease the size of the fat cells on the abs by 10% !




Supplements such as Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and calcium help to localize the loss of fat off the waist. BCAAs make up one-third of all muscle proteins. They promote muscle strengthening; fight accumulation of fat especially around the waist.; stimulate growth hormone, which is an anti-fat hormone that also tones muscles; supports a hormone that stops hunger; fight physical and mental fatigue during exercise and while dieting. This particular combination of BCAAs can be found in the superior Advocare Product: CATALYST.


Recent discoveries have shown that calcium can help burn fat. But when the body lacks calcium it stores up every little bit it can. One place it stores it is inside fat cells. So a diet poor in calcium causes an increase in belly fat. It is most effective if taken in the evening.


Calcium is of of the numerous supplements included in Advocare MNS .




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