Mike Stoddard – Lost 45# since Feb 1st !

“Lost 45 pounds since February 1st.”  

“People ask, “How did you do it?” The answer is simple. You have to burn more calories then you consume. That means a healthier diet and a good fitness program and Lexington Fitness has everything I need to achieve my fitness goals. Top of the line equipment, a clean and safe environment, 24/7 electronic access, and affordable. Cameron and Cassy have done a fabulous job bringing this fitness center to our community.”

Awesome job, Mike!

1 Element W.O.D. “G”

“G” for gymnastics

So today is a 1 element day….meaning we are going to do a single element.  We can choose from the 3 modalities: either, G=gymnastic type exercise; M=metabolic conditioning(cardio); or W=weightlifting type exercise.

The single element we will do today is from the gymnastic category.

Practice handstands for 45 minutes.  Practice this single skill.  holding as long as you can and resting as long as you need to recover.  If you cannot yet do a hand stand, do a headstand.  If you cannot do it without the aid of a wall, practice against a wall with the goal performing the handstand without the aid of a wall.  45 minutes of this is a great upper body and core workout.