Free WOD classes for two months!

Join us for free W.O.D. classes!  I have already begun these group Workout Of the Day group classes at 4pm M-F.    They will be at no charge for approx two months in order for me to get a core group of folks trained.  I have been posting W.O.Ds for a while now and training you individually on some mechanics and lingo but now that I am a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer I’ve decided to take this to the next level and add sport to our daily workouts.

So join us for awesome workouts that you can only get in this setting. There is nothing like competition and encouragement to get to to reach your fitness goals faster and better.

Sometime around the middle of July I will begin charging for these classes, but for now lets get some times established.  Right now there is the 4pm class and I’ve taught it at 11:30 too.  If there are morning folks this time would work for, please join us.