Wk 2 Thurs Meals

B4 Breakfast – Lemon water to wash down a ThermoPlus and 2 Catalyst.

Breakfast – Didn’t eat much. Left house early and didn’t have to spend time preparing food since I hadn’t eaten it all yesterday.  But I dead prepare some Baby Kale Greens.  These are tougher than spinach so I wasn’t very successful but I ate them yesterday.  I sauteed them in olive oil, tabasco and a little lemon water and steamed them for about 15 minutes.  They were ok.  I only ate them really to stave off nausea so I could take some vitamins.  Oh, along with a few bites of hummus. (no, I’m not sick of hummus….. yet).

Snack:  Snacked on a 1/2 pint of raspberries.

Lunch: Meatloaf, sweet potato and avocado from yesterday.

Dinner: Had fun at Local’s night and enjoyed a cocktail.  Ate some broccoli and sweet potato fries (not ideal) but it put some food in my belly.  Got home and hubby had roasted sweet potatoes and beets and onions.  Oddly no meat and i was really hungry. So i just went to bed after washing down a protein drink with coconut milk.

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