Wk 2 – Wed meals

Began day by preparing all my food for the day, not including dinner.  My lemon was rotten so I couldn’t do that, bummer!  Prepared 3 containers.

Breakfast was an informal nibbling while prepping food for the day…I nibbled on most of the stuff I put together along with some almonds.

Container 1: meatloaf and sweet potato, 1/4 avocado.

Container 2: Egg Fritatta: recipe – sauteed cabbage and green beans and a tomato, then mixed 5 eggs with coconut milk (scrambled them) and added to cast iron pan.  Baked in oven at like 400degrees for 20 min or so.  I divided this up between a couple containers, one for me and one for Cameron.

Container 3: Mixed fruit….strawberries & a nectarine.

Only ate about 1/2 of the food I had prepared.  Will eat it tomorrow.

Dinner:  Came home to chicken breasts and amazing pan roasted slices of beets and sweet potatoes. amazing!  8 almonds.

Got up around 11pm and was hungry!  Ugh!  I ate almonds, a nectarine and leftover fritatta.  I really never wake up and eat but At least I couldn’t eat cookies, chips or bread of any kind…..we just don’t have it in the house.

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